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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Lorrimer trying to protect?
(a) Despard.
(b) Battle.
(c) Race.
(d) Anne.

2. What does Mrs. Lorrimer say about Mr. Shaitana's words?
(a) They were harsh and derogatory.
(b) They incensed her.
(c) They were meant for her alone.
(d) They were kind and compassionate.

3. Who discovers the dead body in Chapter 28?
(a) Col. Race.
(b) Dr. Roberts.
(c) Anne Meredith.
(d) Mrs. Lorrimer.

4. What does Shaitana do to women after learning their secrets?
(a) Takes advantage.
(b) Publicly humiliates them.
(c) Steals their money.
(d) Runs away.

5. Whom does Maj. Despard appear to have intense disdain for?
(a) Shaitana.
(b) Mrs. Oliver.
(c) Poirot.
(d) Meredith.

6. Who is assigned to go visit the widow of Maj. Despard's former employer?
(a) Mrs. Oliver.
(b) Poirot.
(c) Mrs. Lorrimer.
(d) Battle.

7. What is Maj. Despard able to recall about the objects in the room during the night of the murder?
(a) Clothing and jewelry.
(b) Paintings and vases.
(c) Rugs and two knickknacks.
(d) Table and chairs.

8. What does Poirot compliment Mrs. Lorrimer with?
(a) A mind capable of winning the lottery.
(b) A heart full of kindness.
(c) A spirit of warmth and candor.
(d) A mind capable of murder.

9. Who does the widow claim fired a gun in self-defense?
(a) Otto van Shaitana.
(b) Col. Race.
(c) Maj. Despard.
(d) Professor Luxmore.

10. Who is the only person that Poirot has not yet questioned by the end of Chapter 19?
(a) Mrs. Oliver.
(b) Battle.
(c) Mrs. Lorrimer.
(d) Miss Meredith.

11. What is the scary news that Poirot gets during breakfast?
(a) Anne was killed.
(b) Major Despard was shot.
(c) Race died by drowning.
(d) Mrs. Lorrimer committed suicide.

12. What is the kind of bottle in question regarding the death of Anne's employer?
(a) Indian blue glass.
(b) Syrup of Figs.
(c) Bohemian glass.
(d) Peruvian cocoa.

13. What does Poirot notice on Mrs. Lorrimer's arm?
(a) A big cut.
(b) Two bite marks.
(c) A tattoo.
(d) A slight bruise.

14. Which sleuth does Rhoda visit in Chapter 17?
(a) Col. Race.
(b) Mrs. Oliver.
(c) Poirot.
(d) Mrs. Lorrimer.

15. Where do Rhoda and Anne go in Chapter 17?
(a) Paris.
(b) London.
(c) Edinburgh.
(d) Wales.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who apparently killed Mr. Craddock?

2. What mystery surrounds Major Despard's employer's death?

3. Who does Poirot work with to discuss investigative findings?

4. How does Major Despard claim to have saved his employer from drowning?

5. What is the name of Anne's former employer that died?

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