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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Poirot express concern over?
(a) The location of the event.
(b) The date of the event.
(c) The cost of the event.
(d) Shaitana's guests.

2. Who cannot prohibit the mystery writer from investigating the crime?
(a) Mrs. Oliver.
(b) Mr. Shaitana.
(c) Mr. Poirot.
(d) Mr. Battle.

3. Who is Dr. Roberts' secretary?
(a) Miss Burgess.
(b) Mrs. Oliver.
(c) Mr. Craddock.
(d) Miss Meredith.

4. What does Poirot ask Mrs. Lorrimer to tell him about the night of the murder?
(a) Furnishings in the room.
(b) The cards that she gave to Miss Meredith.
(c) Conversation that she had with Col. Race.
(d) How she is feeling that night.

5. By Chapter 8, how many people has the murderer killed, according to the sleuths?
(a) 2.
(b) 3.
(c) 1.
(d) 5.

6. Who is cheerful and ebullient in nature, and seems an unlikely murder suspect?
(a) Dr. Roberts.
(b) Major Despard.
(c) Mrs. Ariadne Oliver.
(d) Colonel Race.

7. In the room where Mrs. Oliver is seated, whom is she partnered with?
(a) Major Despard.
(b) Miss Meredith.
(c) Colonel Race.
(d) Hercule Poirot.

8. What does the doctor give to the sleuth while leaving on his rounds?
(a) His lens.
(b) His tape recorder.
(c) His wallet.
(d) His keys.

9. What kind of manners does Poirot reveal to Mrs. Lorrimer?
(a) Lack of.
(b) Curt.
(c) Old world.
(d) Officious.

10. What is different about the reference that Poirot makes compared to the conversation he is having with Mrs. Lorrimer?
(a) It is so subtle that it escapes detection.
(b) It has not been revealed.
(c) It can only be understood by a murderer.
(d) It requires a lot of knowledge.

11. Who is lovely, genteel, and elderly in Chapter 2?
(a) Agatha Christie.
(b) Anne Meredith.
(c) Mrs. Lorrimer.
(d) Mrs. Ariadne Oliver.

12. What does the sleuth find in Dr. Roberts' files?
(a) A suspicious note.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Fingerprints.
(d) Bloody handkerchief.

13. Who turns out to be dead by the end of Chapter 3?
(a) Miss Meredith.
(b) Shaitana.
(c) Major Despard.
(d) Mrs. Lorrimer.

14. Who are the four sleuths?
(a) Dr. Roberts, Major Despard, Mrs. Lorrimer, and Anne Meredith.
(b) Hercule Poirot, Mrs. Ariadne Oliver, Superintendent Battle, and Colonel Race.
(c) Major Despard, Mr. Shaitana, Anne Meredith, and Dr. Roberts.
(d) Hercule Poirot, Mrs. Ariadne Oliver, Mrs. Lorrimer, and Major Despard.

15. Who is solicitous and gentle when questioning Miss Meredith?
(a) Lorrimer.
(b) Poirot.
(c) Despard.
(d) Battle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Shaitana lead his guests after dinner?

2. What does Poirot think about Miss Meredith's playing?

3. What does Poirot think about Major Despard's playing?

4. What does Shaitana call a woman's weapon?

5. Who is Superintendent Battle partnered with?

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