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One Week Quiz A

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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 22 and 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Anne's former employer that died?
(a) Mrs. Benson.
(b) Claire Forlaine.
(c) Miss Burgess.
(d) Lara Hastings.

2. What does Shaitana do to women after learning their secrets?
(a) Takes advantage.
(b) Runs away.
(c) Steals their money.
(d) Publicly humiliates them.

3. What does Poirot think about Miss Meredith's playing?
(a) Cautious.
(b) Wishy-washy.
(c) Brilliant.
(d) Over-bids.

4. Who is solicitous and gentle when questioning Miss Meredith?
(a) Poirot.
(b) Despard.
(c) Battle.
(d) Lorrimer.

5. How does Poirot intend on getting a psychological profile on murder suspects?
(a) By evaluating how they kept score and how they remember the game.
(b) By calling them up unexpectedly and asking them rapid questions.
(c) By putting them in the same scenarios unknowingly.
(d) By placing temptations in front of them and watching their responses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What emotion did Shaitana invoke in Miss Meredith when he first met her?

2. What does Anne recall from the night of the murder?

3. Where does Battle go to look into the death of Anne's former employer?

4. Whom does Maj. Despard appear to have intense disdain for?

5. How is Despard's interview different from that of other suspects?

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