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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the little Grandfather die?
(a) He was hit by a truck.
(b) He had cancer.
(c) He was shot.
(d) He had a heart attack.

2. What does Inocencio decide when Celaya returns home?
(a) She is grounded for six months.
(b) She should go to reform school.
(c) She should get married as soon as possible.
(d) The family should move back to Chicago.

3. After who/what was Inocencio's daughter named?
(a) His mother.
(b) A battle.
(c) A former girlfriend.
(d) A city.

4. How does Inocencio manage to escape from prison?
(a) He bribes the judge.
(b) He has a good attorney.
(c) He kills a guard.
(d) He enlists in the army.

5. Who is the friend who takes Celaya under her wing?
(a) Isabel.
(b) Viva.
(c) Celeste.
(d) Martina.

6. What does the ghost of the person in #166 want Celaya to do?
(a) Get married.
(b) Get an education.
(c) Write her story.
(d) Run away from home.

7. In what year did the Mexican revolution begin?
(a) 1865.
(b) 1911.
(c) 1963.
(d) 1942.

8. What is Inocencia's only daughter's name?
(a) Cochita.
(b) Isabel.
(c) Esperanza.
(d) Celaya.

9. What illness besets Inocencio?
(a) Diabetes.
(b) Heart attack.
(c) Mesothelioma.
(d) Epilepsy.

10. Why does Eleuterio not approve of the relationship Narciso has with a girl in the city in #94?
(a) She was married before.
(b) She is half black.
(c) She has a child.
(d) She is too young.

11. Why does the Awful Grandmother tell Celaya she needs injections?
(a) To get shiny hair.
(b) Because she looks like a boy.
(c) Because she is too fat.
(d) To get rid of her wrinkles.

12. The Awful Grandmother's stories are all about _________________________.
(a) her dead husband.
(b) her dreams of a better life for her family.
(c) making people feel sorry for her.
(d) her love of cooking.

13. To what city does Viva want to move and take Celaya with her?
(a) San Francisco.
(b) Las Vegas.
(c) Los Angeles.
(d) Portland.

14. What does the Grandmother think is wrong with the neighborhoods where she could afford to buy a house in Chicago?
(a) They are in the inner city.
(b) They are too close to the interstate.
(c) They are too close to the "L".
(d) They are filled with low-class Mexicans.

15. What is the name of Soledad's child?
(a) Diego.
(b) Inocencio.
(c) Angelo.
(d) Enrique.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year of school does Celaya enter at her new school?

2. How does Narciso later say he lost the body part in #92?

3. What job did Soledad's son get in Chicago as an adult?

4. How does the Grandmother try to edge her way back into Inocencio's life?

5. What do the doctors take from Narciso during surgery?

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