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Caramel Rebozo

Throughout this story, this is the one thing that Soledad and Celaya both admire and love more than anything.

San Antonio

A town in Texas where the family moves to after the grandmother buys everyone a house.

House on Destiny Street

The family drives to this place every year, which is where Inocencio and his brothers and sister grew up.


The Mexican beach town where Inocencio leaves his mother.

Skin Color

This is used to determine a person's social class.

Tres Reyes Upholstery

The business that Inocencio creates with the help of one of his uncles.

Maxwell Street

An open air market in Chicago that the family goes to every Sunday instead of church.


The main plaza in Mexico City.


The city in Illinois where the family ends up.

Picture of Narciso

Soledad keeps this in her armoire.

Three Ribs

These are among...

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