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Short Answer Questions

1. Villagers crucify a sub-officer who is dressed how?

2. Who does Pantoja believe will be held responsible for the events surrounding the scandal of the Special Service?

3. A radio host tells his listeners about a famous landmark that was purchased by whom?

4. Olga was raised in an orphanage run by whom?

5. How old is Olga when she dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information does Maclovia reveal during her radio interview that outrages listeners?

2. What does Beltrán want to leave the Army?

3. What is the "House of Iron"?

4. Describe "The Hymn of the Special Service."

5. How does Pantoja react when he is told of the decision to discontinue the operations of the SSGFRI?

6. Why does Panjota feel like his military career is in shambles?

7. Why do Morey and several young men from Requena decide to kidnap prostitutes from the Special Service?

8. What does Sinchi say about Pantoja on-air the first time he talks about him?

9. How does Olga die?

10. Why did the "House of Iron" fail in the Amazon?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore the use of secondary characters in the novel. Why do you think the author introduces them all so soon in the narrative? What purpose might this serve? What purpose do the secondary characters serve? Why are there so many of them? What point is the author trying to make?

Essay Topic 2

What is the significance of the "The Hymn of the Special Service"? Why do you think Pantoja provides the lyrics to his superiors? How does he feel about the song? What is the significance of his feelings about the song? Thinking about the lyrics, how do the prostitutes seem to feel about their jobs? Why do you think the author shows the reader the prostitutes' take on their jobs?

Essay Topic 3

What is the significance of Mother Leonor's nightmare where a cockroach is eaten by a rat who is eaten by a lizard who is eaten by a jaguar who is crucified and whose remains are devoured by cockroaches? What does her dream seem to be a metaphor for? How might the dream relate to Pantoja and his situation with the army?

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