Daily Lessons for Teaching Captain Pantoja and the Special Service

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Daily Lessons

Objective: Chapter 1 In Chapter 1, it is clear that Pantoja is proud to be a soldier and administrator and that he follows orders to the letter. It is also clear that Pantoja is prudish. This lesson will explore Pantoja's straight-laced nature.

1) Class discussion: What signs do you see that the main character, Pantoja, is very straight-laced? What techniques does the author use to point out his prudish nature? What do you think of his personality so far? Is he someone you would like to know?

2) In-class writing: Keep a journal while studying this book. Write in your journal about why you think Pantoja was chosen to lead the Special Service. Why would the army want someone straight-laced running their prostitution project? Would it make more sense to find someone who was more tolerable of sinful acts?

3) Small group discussion: Split the class into four groups and have them...

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