Captain Pantoja and the Special Service Character Descriptions

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Captain Pantaleón (Panta) Pantoja

This character is a by-the-book officer in the Peruvian Army who begins running the Special Service.

Pocha (Pochita) Pantoja

This character leaves her spouse after finding out he has been running a prostitution service.

Mother Leonor Pantoja

This character, the parent of a military officer, becomes a devotee of a radical religious group due to a lack of social outlets.

Leonor Curinchila (aka Madame Chuchupe)

This character is the owner of a brothel in Iquitos and becomes the Corps Leader of the Special Service.

Colonel Ezequiel López López

This character is Chief of the Accounting and Finance Section of the Peruvian Army and is one of several people responsible for selecting the leader of the Special Service.

General Victoria

This character is a high-ranking Peruvian Army officer who is initially skeptical about instituting the Special Service, but approves it anyway.

Commander (Father) Godofredo Beltrán Calila

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