Captain Pantoja and the Special Service Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* Pantoja has recently been promoted to Captain, and he and his wife Pocha and his mother Leonor wait to find out where they will relocate.

* The story cuts to Brother Francisco, who addresses a group of people and asks the crowd to pray with him.

* Back with Pantoja--he meets with his superior officers, who tell him of his delicate mission.

* Collazos explains to Pantoja that soldiers assigned to details in the Amazon jungle have been raping the local women.

* López López, Victoria and Collazos decide that Pantoja is to arrange for prostitutes to visit the soldiers regularly in order to keep the soldiers from attacking women in the small towns.

* Commander Beltrán, an army chaplain, is introduced.

* Beltrán makes no secret of his displeasure with the soldiers' behavior and his disgust with the Peruvian Army in general.

* Pantoja is told that his mission...

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