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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the raiding party keep its horses quiet?
(a) Put muzzles on them.
(b) Pinch their nostrils.
(c) Feed them sugar.
(d) Blindfold them.

2. What does Brennan's mother tell him in Chapter 4 when he arrives home?
(a) They are going on a cruise.
(b) They are going to go shopping.
(c) They are going to El Paso.
(d) They are going on a camping trip.

3. What does Brennan think the men in his mother's life do?
(a) Hurt her.
(b) Help her financially.
(c) Amuse her.
(d) Teach her interesting trivial facts.

4. Why does Brennan put his sleeping bag under a large boulder?
(a) To pretend he is hiding from the soldiers.
(b) To keep the dew off his sleeping bag.
(c) To get away from the kids.
(d) To shield himself from the sun.

5. What does Brennan notice in Chapter 2 as he approaches the house?
(a) The house color has changed.
(b) The house is dark.
(c) There is furniture in the yard.
(d) There is someone there Brennan doesn't know.

Short Answer Questions

1. What friend of Coyote Runs attended school with him?

2. Where are the Indian warriors going in Chapter 3?

3. Why didn't Brennan use an excuse to get out of going on the trip?

4. Why is Brennan annoyed about being in the van?

5. What are two activities Brennan's mother became involved in that he managed to avoid?

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