Canyons Character Descriptions

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Brennan Cole - He is a fifteen-year-old boy and the main protagonist of Canyons.

Coyote Runs - He is a fourteen-year-old Apache Indian.

Mr. Homesley - He is a biology teacher at Brennan's school.

Bill Halverson - He is the latest boyfriend of Brennan's mother.

Tibbets - He is Mr. Homesley's Vietnam buddy and a pathologist in El Paso.

Magpie - He is Coyote Runs' friend and a few years older than Coyote Runs.

Brennan's Mother - She is a single woman who has raised her child alone most of his life.

Stoney Romero - He is Brennan's boss.

Bluebellies - This is what the Apache call the soldiers because of the uniforms they wear.

Youth Group - Bill is the leader of this.

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