Canyons Character Descriptions

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Brennan Cole

He is a fifteen-year-old boy and the main protagonist of Canyons.

Coyote Runs

He is a fourteen-year-old Apache Indian.

Mr. Homesley

He is a biology teacher at Brennan's school.

Bill Halverson

He is the latest boyfriend of Brennan's mother.


He is Mr. Homesley's Vietnam buddy and a pathologist in El Paso.


He is Coyote Runs' friend and a few years older than Coyote Runs.

Brennan's Mother

She is a single woman who has raised her child alone most of his life.

Stoney Romero

He is Brennan's boss.


This is what the Apache call the soldiers because of the uniforms they wear.

Youth Group

Bill is the leader of this.

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