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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is there a prophecy written about the resting place for the ghost?
(a) The staircase banister.
(b) The family Bible.
(c) The library window.
(d) The fireplace mantle.

2. How does Virginia say she feels about the ghost when she rips her dress?
(a) She is angry with him.
(b) She is annoyed by him.
(c) She is sorry for him.
(d) She is amused by him.

3. Who does Virginia find in the place where she plans to fix her dress?
(a) Mrs. Otis.
(b) The ghost.
(c) A different ghost.
(d) Washington.

4. What is the one thing the ghost has longed to do since he died?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Forgive.
(c) Travel.
(d) Repent.

5. When does the ghost plan to appear in the oriel window?
(a) Every Tuesday.
(b) The second and fourth Saturday of the month.
(c) The first and third Wednesday of the month.
(d) The fourth Thursday and Friday of the month.

6. What does the ghost step in on the stairs?
(a) Syrup.
(b) Butter.
(c) Honey.
(d) Tar.

7. What was the Duke's Great Uncle said to be doing when he died?
(a) Digging his own grave.
(b) Trying to vanquish the ghost.
(c) Playing cards with the ghost.
(d) Praying.

8. What is the Duke's first name?
(a) Christopher.
(b) Charles.
(c) Clark.
(d) Cecil.

9. What does Virginia usually bring to the dinner table?
(a) A friend.
(b) A tablecloth.
(c) Fresh greens.
(d) Flowers.

10. Who is sent to find Virginia when she is gone longer than expected?
(a) The twins.
(b) Washington.
(c) Mr. Otis.
(d) Mrs. Umney.

11. What does the ghost suffer from after something falls on his head?
(a) A fever.
(b) A cold.
(c) A bruise.
(d) A migraine.

12. Where are Vriginia's brothers going a few days after her dress tears?
(a) Sussex.
(b) London.
(c) Eton.
(d) Cheshire.

13. What was the ghost using to maintain the blood stain?
(a) Ink.
(b) Virginia's paints.
(c) Chicken blood.
(d) Shoe dye.

14. What falls on the ghost's head when he makes his entrance after being caught in the pranks?
(a) A rake.
(b) A box of books.
(c) A jug of water.
(d) A bag of old tomatoes.

15. What is Virginia able to do when the ghost takes her hand?
(a) See into the spirit world.
(b) Understand his past.
(c) See what he sees.
(d) Walk through a wall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mr. Otis take with him to look for Virginia?

2. Why does Mr. Otis feel the way he does when Virginia is found?

3. What does the ghost say the purpose of his existence is?

4. How long does the ghost prepare himself to scare someone after the tricks are played on him?

5. Who is most upset by Virginia's disappearance?

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