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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mack tell doc?

2. What happens when the boiler at the answer to #51 stops working?

3. What is the name of Dora's business?

4. What does Lee's soft heart inspire him to do?

5. What is the result of guy's inspired and talented work?

Short Essay Questions

1. It would be impractical to use the building to store groceries, so what does Lee do with the building?

2. What is the irony of the tax troubles Dora experiences?

3. Explain the relationship between Doc and Frankie.

4. What is ironic about Henri the Painter?

5. How does the Bear Flag stay in business even though it is an illegal operation?

6. What are some of the morning rituals on Cannery Row?

7. What does Steinbeck mean when he says that parties have a pathology?

8. For what event does Steinbeck use foreshadowing in this chapter?

9. Describe Steinbeck's use of humor in the frog-catching scene.

10. What is the irony of Hazel's name?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Although the residents of Cannery Row live on the fringe of acceptable society, they take care of each other. What is the bond between the residents of Cannery Row that makes them want to help each other even when others won't? Is there a common denominator among the Cannery Row residents that they recognize themselves in each other? Explain some situations in the book where the Cannery Row residents exhibit humanity toward one another.

Essay Topic 2

The Model T Ford has importance in the story for the frog-catching expedition of Mack and the boys. What does the car symbolize for Mack and the boys? For its owner, Lee? What significance does Steinbeck say the Model T has on American culture for the past two generations?

Essay Topic 3

How does Steinbeck use the literary technique of local color in Cannery Row? What elements comprise local color? Give some examples of the local color in Cannery Row establishments. In the characters. In the events.

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