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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the captain bring up from the cellar?
(a) A keg of Prohibition-vintage corn whiskey
(b) Food for the pups
(c) Bottles of beer
(d) Sleeping cots

2. How many times has Henri the Painter been married?
(a) Four times
(b) Three times
(c) One time
(d) Two times

3. What does the captain offer Mack?
(a) The pick of the litter of pups
(b) A job
(c) A place to stay for the night
(d) A beer

4. What does Mack sense about Doc?
(a) That Doc is a lonely man.
(b) That Doc is very ill.
(c) That Doc has a big secret.
(d) That Doc will be leaving town soon.

5. Who leaves La Ida's in the company of girls?
(a) Their cousins
(b) Two soldiers
(c) Their boyfriends
(d) Their blind dates

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Doc once take a walking trip?

2. What does Doc live on during this hectic time?

3. What change do the people of Monterey feel?

4. Where did Doc go to college?

5. What does the captain lament about the pups?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of the flagpole sitter at Holman's Department Store?

2. Why can Doc not get anyone to accompany him on specimen collecting trip to La Jolla?

3. How do Mack and the boys react to ruining Doc's party?

4. How does Steinbeck show that Doc is one with nature?

5. How does Mack know that the captain's wife would disapprove of Mack and the boys?

6. What are some of the morning rituals on Cannery Row?

7. For what event does Steinbeck use foreshadowing in this chapter?

8. How does Steinbeck show that Cannery Row is an undesirable part of town?

9. What impact have Mack and the boys had on the captain?

10. How does Mack extract the date of Doc's birthday?

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