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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the captain lament about the pups?
(a) They are mutts.
(b) He has to find homes for them.
(c) He should have drowned all but one.
(d) He has to get them weaned.

2. What does doc find when he wades into the water and parts the mass of algae?
(a) A dolphin
(b) The face of a beautiful dead girl
(c) Trapped pelicans
(d) The wreckage of a ship

3. What do each of the boys carry to the frog hunt?
(a) A net
(b) A bucket
(c) A glass of whiskey and a flashlight
(d) A bottle of beer

4. Why do Henri's girlfriends eventually leave him?
(a) Henri never has any money
(b) The boat's tight quarters and lack of a toilet
(c) They get seasick
(d) Henri wants to paint them

5. What is the captain's wife always doing?
(a) Going shopping
(b) Trying new recipes
(c) Giving speeches or writing bills
(d) Gabbing on the phone

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a major problem of Doc's job?

2. What is Holman's Department Store's best promotion ever?

3. Why does the captain think the pups are a nuisance?

4. Who carries the gunnysacks?

5. Where do the couples go?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Mack impressed by Dora?

2. Describe Steinbeck's use of humor in the frog-catching scene.

3. What are some of the morning rituals on Cannery Row?

4. How does Mack perceive Doc?

5. What does Steinbeck believe about truth which is explained by Doc's walking trip during college?

6. What is ironic about Henri the Painter?

7. Why does Mack initially reject the captain's offer of whiskey?

8. How does Steinbeck show that Cannery Row is an undesirable part of town?

9. How does Mack extract the date of Doc's birthday?

10. Which character seems to assimilate the combined woes of everyone in Cannery Row?

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