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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the captain's wife always doing?
(a) Gabbing on the phone
(b) Going shopping
(c) Giving speeches or writing bills
(d) Trying new recipes

2. What is Mack doing by the time the boys reach the farmhouse?
(a) Drinking a beer
(b) Eating his lunch
(c) Treating the dog
(d) Taking a nap

3. What does Mack sense about Doc?
(a) That Doc will be leaving town soon.
(b) That Doc is a lonely man.
(c) That Doc has a big secret.
(d) That Doc is very ill.

4. What is ironic about Henri the Painter?
(a) He is of Irish descent.
(b) He is a house painter.
(c) He is neither French nor a painter.
(d) His real name is Henry.

5. Who garners much attention after falling sick?
(a) Darling
(b) Lee
(c) Mack
(d) Doc

6. Who carries the gunnysacks?
(a) Eddie and Hazel
(b) Hughie and Mack
(c) Jones and Mack
(d) Hughie and Jones

7. What does Mack plan to do once again?
(a) Have a party for Doc
(b) Go to La Jolla for octopi
(c) Visit the captain for more whiskey
(d) Catch more frogs for Doc

8. What is Mack's method of catching the frogs?
(a) He outwaits the frogs and catches them when they jump.
(b) He uses big nets in the water.
(c) He waits until daylight when the frogs are easier to see.
(d) He and the boys wade into the water shouting.

9. Where did Doc go to college?
(a) The University of Chicago
(b) Columbia University
(c) Ohio State University
(d) Georgia Tech

10. What type of hat does Henri the Painter wear?
(a) Cowboy Hat
(b) Top Hat
(c) Beret
(d) Bowler

11. What does the captain do before passing out on the floor drunk?
(a) Tries to cook breakfast
(b) Fills a jug for Mack
(c) Talks about his wife
(d) Invites the boys to live with him

12. On what pretense does Mack get Doc to admit his birth date?
(a) Hazel and Hughie are studying astrology
(b) Hazel and Hughie are updating the birthday card list
(c) He and Hazel are making a birthday reminder calendar
(d) Hazel and Eddie are studying numerology

13. Where does Henri the Painter live in actuality?
(a) In a painter's loft
(b) In a cabin
(c) In a townhouse
(d) On a thirty-five-foot boat

14. What kind of dog does the watchman have?
(a) Dachsund
(b) Cocker Spaniel
(c) German Shepherd
(d) Jack Russell Terrier

15. Who holds afternoon tea parties for cats?
(a) Mack
(b) Mary Talbot
(c) Doc
(d) Dora Flood

Short Answer Questions

1. Who leaves La Ida's in the company of girls?

2. What does Doc know very well?

3. What are there few of afoot in the early hours of Cannery Row?

4. What does the flagpole sitter complain of on his second day?

5. What is a major problem of Doc's job?

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