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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is ironic about Henri the Painter?
(a) His real name is Henry.
(b) He is of Irish descent.
(c) He is neither French nor a painter.
(d) He is a house painter.

2. Where does Henri the Painter live in actuality?
(a) In a townhouse
(b) In a painter's loft
(c) In a cabin
(d) On a thirty-five-foot boat

3. What does Doc think about the boys?
(a) They will not sell their souls to gain the world.
(b) They are hopeless drunks.
(c) They will always be losers.
(d) They will never hold down real jobs.

4. What does the captain offer Mack?
(a) A job
(b) A beer
(c) The pick of the litter of pups
(d) A place to stay for the night

5. Who is the only person in town who has the nerve to ask the flagpole sitter how he goes to the toilet?
(a) Dora Flood
(b) Lee Chong
(c) Richard Frost
(d) Doc

6. What kind of dog does the watchman have?
(a) German Shepherd
(b) Jack Russell Terrier
(c) Dachsund
(d) Cocker Spaniel

7. What does the captain do before passing out on the floor drunk?
(a) Invites the boys to live with him
(b) Fills a jug for Mack
(c) Talks about his wife
(d) Tries to cook breakfast

8. What does Doc order in Ventura?
(a) A beer milkshake
(b) Fish potpie
(c) A banana sandwich
(d) An orange coffee

9. What is Doc's real birthday?
(a) June 20
(b) May 5
(c) December 18
(d) July 24

10. What does the captain carry to the frog hunt?
(a) A pitcher of whiskey
(b) A gun
(c) A net
(d) A flashlight

11. What change do the people of Monterey feel?
(a) Everything is thriving again.
(b) The weather is too cold for this time of year.
(c) The economy is not good right now.
(d) The fashions are too severe.

12. Doc drives to the cliffs above the tidal flat and ____________ in the car.
(a) Sleeps
(b) Counts stars
(c) Listens to music
(d) Checks his notes

13. Why does the captain think the pups are a nuisance?
(a) He is moving and has to find them homes.
(b) No one wants bird dogs anymore.
(c) Their food is costing too much.
(d) He doesn't have time to take care of pups.

14. Where did Doc go to college?
(a) Georgia Tech
(b) Ohio State University
(c) Columbia University
(d) The University of Chicago

15. What is the mood at the Palace when Mack returns from the lab?
(a) Calm
(b) Gloomy
(c) Hopeful
(d) Ecstatic

Short Answer Questions

1. What takes over on Cannery Row?

2. What are there few of afoot in the early hours of Cannery Row?

3. What is the captain's wife always doing?

4. What is Mack doing by the time the boys reach the farmhouse?

5. How do people treat Doc after he tells his fib?

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