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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do people treat Doc after he tells his fib?
(a) They want to take his picture.
(b) They invite him to dinner and take him in.
(c) They follow him on his trip.
(d) They shun him.

2. Which two boys play in the boat works yard by the railroad tracks?
(a) William and Joey
(b) Willie and Jesus
(c) Willard and Joey
(d) Willard and Jimmy

3. What does Mack sense about Doc?
(a) That Doc is very ill.
(b) That Doc has a big secret.
(c) That Doc will be leaving town soon.
(d) That Doc is a lonely man.

4. What time does Doc reach La Jolla?
(a) 6:00 A.M
(b) 3:30 A.M..
(c) 2:00 A.M.
(d) Midnight

5. Where do Mack and the boys now buy their groceries instead of going to Lee's?
(a) Thrift Market
(b) Trader Joe's
(c) Albertson's
(d) Ralph's

6. What is Doc's real birthday?
(a) May 5
(b) December 18
(c) July 24
(d) June 20

7. What is ironic about Henri the Painter?
(a) His real name is Henry.
(b) He is of Irish descent.
(c) He is neither French nor a painter.
(d) He is a house painter.

8. What is Doc's driving style?
(a) He swerves back and forth looking out toward the sea.
(b) He drives slowly and stops often.
(c) He slows down, then speeds up erratically.
(d) He speeds to get to the sea as quickly as possible.

9. What type of hat does Henri the Painter wear?
(a) Bowler
(b) Beret
(c) Cowboy Hat
(d) Top Hat

10. What are Mack and the boys known as now?
(a) Heroes
(b) Social outcasts
(c) Religious zealots
(d) The life of the party

11. What does Doc do after his meal?
(a) Visits an old friend
(b) Checks into a hotel
(c) Picks up a hitchhiker
(d) Goes to a club

12. Who carries the gunnysacks?
(a) Eddie and Hazel
(b) Jones and Mack
(c) Hughie and Jones
(d) Hughie and Mack

13. What does the captain carry to the frog hunt?
(a) A pitcher of whiskey
(b) A flashlight
(c) A net
(d) A gun

14. What are there few of afoot in the early hours of Cannery Row?
(a) buses
(b) cars
(c) human beings
(d) dogs

15. Through what time of day does Doc work gathering his gear?
(a) The opal afternoon
(b) The pearly time
(c) The diamond daytime
(d) The emerald evening

Short Answer Questions

1. What has enthralled Henri the Painter?

2. What is Mack's method of catching the frogs?

3. Why does Doc have to treat the people who come down with the illness?

4. Who leaves La Ida's in the company of girls?

5. What do each of the boys carry to the frog hunt?

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