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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the mood at the Palace when Mack returns from the lab?
(a) Hopeful
(b) Calm
(c) Ecstatic
(d) Gloomy

2. On what do Doc and Frost place a bet?
(a) A tank full of gas
(b) A keg of beer
(c) A case of whiskey
(d) A parade

3. How does Doc view Mack?
(a) As a peacemaker
(b) As a trouble maker
(c) As a philosopher
(d) As a drunk

4. Who is the only person in town who has the nerve to ask the flagpole sitter how he goes to the toilet?
(a) Richard Frost
(b) Dora Flood
(c) Doc
(d) Lee Chong

5. Where did Doc go to college?
(a) Columbia University
(b) Ohio State University
(c) Georgia Tech
(d) The University of Chicago

6. What do each of the boys carry to the frog hunt?
(a) A net
(b) A bottle of beer
(c) A bucket
(d) A glass of whiskey and a flashlight

7. What does Doc know very well?
(a) Amphibians
(b) The seacoast
(c) The mountains
(d) The Bible

8. What does Doc order in Ventura?
(a) A beer milkshake
(b) An orange coffee
(c) A banana sandwich
(d) Fish potpie

9. Where does Henri the Painter live in actuality?
(a) In a painter's loft
(b) In a townhouse
(c) In a cabin
(d) On a thirty-five-foot boat

10. What has enthralled Henri the Painter?
(a) His new car
(b) A new girl at the Bear Flag
(c) Watching a flagpole sitter/skater
(d) His new fishing pole

11. Which two boys play in the boat works yard by the railroad tracks?
(a) Willie and Jesus
(b) Willard and Joey
(c) Willard and Jimmy
(d) William and Joey

12. Why do Henri's girlfriends eventually leave him?
(a) Henri never has any money
(b) The boat's tight quarters and lack of a toilet
(c) Henri wants to paint them
(d) They get seasick

13. What is Mack doing by the time the boys reach the farmhouse?
(a) Taking a nap
(b) Eating his lunch
(c) Treating the dog
(d) Drinking a beer

14. What does the captain carry to the frog hunt?
(a) A net
(b) A pitcher of whiskey
(c) A flashlight
(d) A gun

15. What does Doc do after his meal?
(a) Picks up a hitchhiker
(b) Checks into a hotel
(c) Visits an old friend
(d) Goes to a club

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Doc's driving style?

2. Through what time of day does Doc work gathering his gear?

3. What is the captain's wife always doing?

4. What does the captain lament about the pups?

5. How is Cannery Row described in Chapter 14?

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