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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Doc authorize for Mack's job assignment?
(a) A per diem
(b) Payment for mileage
(c) A gas voucher
(d) Overnight accommodations

2. What happens to Lee's car on Carmel Hill?
(a) It rolls backward.
(b) It dies completely.
(c) It cannot make it up the hill.
(d) It runs out of gas.

3. Toward what city do Mack and the boys head?
(a) Santa Barbara
(b) Los Angeles
(c) Carmel
(d) San Diego

4. What does Lee's soft heart inspire him to do?
(a) Adopt a foster child
(b) Become a Big Brother to a young boy
(c) Donate to a homeless shelter
(d) Have his father exhumed and buried in sacred Chinese soil

5. What happens to the boiler?
(a) It is sold for scrap metal.
(b) It is repurposed for other cannery departments.
(c) It is melted down.
(d) A couple named the Malloys move into it as a safe apartment.

6. What does Mack want to do?
(a) He wants to find a new place to live.
(b) He wants to do something nice for Doc.
(c) He wants to get a part time job.
(d) He wants to hitchhike back east.

7. Who are Mack's boys?
(a) Hazel, Eddie, Hughie and Jones
(b) Hazel, Freddie, Hughie and Jones
(c) Hazel, Eddie, Huey and Jones
(d) Hazel, Eddie, Hughie and James

8. What does Doc do for Frankie?
(a) Cleans him, rids him of lice and clothes him
(b) Sends him back to school
(c) Feeds him and sends him back home
(d) Adopts him

9. What does Mack tell doc?
(a) Eddie's punch is making everyone sick.
(b) Dora's girls are going on strike.
(c) Lee is charging them rent now.
(d) Mack and the boys need money for a good cause.

10. What type of car does Lee have?
(a) A Chevrolet
(b) An Edsel
(c) A Model T Ford
(d) A convertible

11. What do some say the old Chinaman is?
(a) A bad omen
(b) Adventurous
(c) God or Death
(d) Crazy

12. Who is employed at Dora's business?
(a) Mack and his boys
(b) 10 women and men and an Italian chef
(c) 12 girls, a Greek cook and a watchman
(d) 4 women and 4 part time girls

13. Who helps Doc collect 300 starfish for an order from Northwestern University?
(a) Hazel
(b) Lee
(c) Dora
(d) Mack

14. What is the one fear of the answer to #33?
(a) Driving a car
(b) Sailing
(c) Getting his head wet
(d) Drowning

15. What happens when the boiler at the answer to #51 stops working?
(a) It has run successfully for ten years straight.
(b) It blows up.
(c) It is dumped and gutted for parts.
(d) It causes a fire which burns an entire block.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Dora during the Depression?

2. What do the boys hit in Lee's car?

3. Why does Doc go to La Jolla?

4. Who is the owner and operator of Western Biological Laboratories?

5. What is the result of guy's inspired and talented work?

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