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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Frankie not attend school?
(a) He skips school whenever he can.
(b) He is not very bright.
(c) Frankie would rather work.
(d) His mother does not see the need for school.

2. Who is the newest resident of the Palace?
(a) Doc
(b) Dora
(c) Lee
(d) Gay

3. What do the boys hit in Lee's car?
(a) A rooster
(b) A skunk
(c) Another car
(d) A deer

4. What are Mack and his boys considered to be in Monterey?
(a) Criminals looking for their next crime
(b) Just plain bums
(c) Good guys who just ran out of luck
(d) Virtues, Graces and Beauties

5. How much does Lee ask for the building's rent?
(a) $50 per month
(b) $5 per week
(c) $1500 per month
(d) $750 per week

6. Over the years, what does Doc become for Cannery Row?
(a) A major employer
(b) A cultural presence
(c) A philanthropist
(d) A councilman

7. What does Lee lend to Mack's job assignment?
(a) Deli sandwiches
(b) Hot coffee
(c) His truck
(d) Clean clothes

8. Who fills up Lee's car with gas at the service station?
(a) Eddie
(b) Gay
(c) Hazel
(d) Mack

9. With whom does Frankie live?
(a) His grandparents
(b) His widowed mother
(c) His foster family
(d) His large family

10. How has Dora managed to stay in business for so many years?
(a) Serving the best sandwiches in town
(b) Making the best Margaritas in the state
(c) Unlimited customer service guarantee
(d) Giving generously to every charity that asks

11. Who visits Doc as Doc is organizing his recently collected starfish?
(a) Dora
(b) Eddie
(c) Mack
(d) Lee

12. Where is Dora's business located?
(a) Out in the country
(b) Behind Lee's store
(c) Across the railroad tracks
(d) On a seaside highway

13. Where does Doc collect marine animals?
(a) The Mississippi River
(b) Fire Island
(c) The Great Tide Pool
(d) The San Diego Bay

14. Why is Hazel, a man, given a female name?
(a) It is a custom in Hazel's family.
(b) It is a family name.
(c) Hazel's mother is worn out from seven pregnancies in eight years
(d) It is an honor given by a family priest.

15. What kind of business does Dora Flood operate?
(a) A restaurant
(b) A floral shop
(c) A dress shop
(d) A whorehouse

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Doc collect 300 starfish for an order from Northwestern University?

2. What happens when the boiler at the answer to #51 stops working?

3. Everybody in town loves Dora except _____________________.

4. As a businessman, Lee is __________________________.

5. What is the one fear of the answer to #33?

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