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The Bear Flag Restaurant - Cannery Row's local whorehouse with a confusing name (no sandwiches served), this is located across the lot from Lee Chong's grocery.

Cannery Row - The primary setting for the novel is a seaside strip of Monterey, California, that consists of corrugated iron sardine canneries, honkytonks, restaurants, whorehouses, crowded groceries, laboratories, flophouses, chipped pavement, weedy lots, and junk heaps.

Carmel Valley - A secondary locale for the novel and an excellent place for catching animals for Doc.

The Great Tide Pool - Doc's favorite area for collecting marine animals located on the tip of the Monterey Peninsula. It is a wave-churned basin at high tide and a clear battleground for survival at low tide.

Hediondo Cannery - One of the major sardine-preparation facilities in Cannery Row, it is the only one developed to any extent. It appears to be constantly looking for workers...

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