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Cannery Row Tourism

Research the travel and tourism information about the Cannery Row section of Monterey and plan a week-long trip to the area.

Monterey Today

The Monterey of today is nothing like it was during the time Steinbeck wrote Cannery Row. Compare and contrast Steinbeck's skid row to the mansions and golf courses lifestyle of the Monterey Peninsula today.

Post Depression Diorama

Research the Great Depression of the United States in the 1930's and create a diorama of how Cannery Row/Monterey looked during this time.

Watch the Movie

Cannery Row was released as a film in 1982. Watch the movie and compare and contrast it to the novel.

Doc's Music

Doc's prized possession is his phonograph player and he relaxes by playing different types of music. Compile a CD of music you think Doc would have liked and share it with the class.

Dinner with Steinbeck


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