Cannery Row Character Descriptions

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The owner/operator of Western Biological Laboratories, this character collects and preserves sea creatures for shipping to research facilities nationwide. He is "deceptively small", strong, passionate, and charismatic. He wears a beard in an era when facial hair is rare and, fearing water on his head, normally wears a rain hat.


The forty-eight-year-old leader and mentor of a group of men who seek no more in life than food, drink, and contentment, This character is intelligent and amoral about lying, stealing, and swindling, believing the ends justify the means.

Lee Chong

A shrewd Chinese grocer resident, this character owns and operates his business from dawn until the last vagrant goes to sleep. With a round face, friendly but attentive brown eyes that peer out under reading glasses, delicate fat hands with fingers that constantly drum, and a full, benevolent mouth that flashes gold teeth, he is...

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