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Chapters 1-4

• Lee Chong runs a crowded grocery store and is a prosperous, respected businessman.

• Lee accepts a warehouse as payment for a customer debt.

• A band of homeless men, Mack and the boys, move into the warehouse.

• The warehouse is named Palace Flophouse and Grill and furnished with stolen furniture.

• Mack and the boys are known as the Virtues, Graces and Beauties of Monterey
• Dora Flood's whorehouse stands nearby Lee's store.

• Dora has been in the business for fifty years and is a well-respected member of Cannery Row.

• Each day an unknown Chinaman pads through the streets to spend his day by the piers and returns by the same route each evening.

Chapters 5-9

• Western Biological Laboratories is located across from Lee's store and Dora's whorehouse.

• Doc is the owner of the lab which is a storeroom for preserved animals and marine specimens.

• Doc collects marine animals...

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