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Short Answer Questions

1. Why were the old folks startled by the November cotton flower?

2. What animal has been walking in the forest as evidenced by imprints in "Nullo"?

3. As an a adult, how does Karintha feel about men?

4. At twenty-two, how does Esther decide that she feels about Barlo?

5. What animals were described as searching for water?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Cloine relate physically to the speaker's emotions in "Evening Song"?

2. What prevents the speaker from connecting with those around him in "Harvest Song"?

3. How is the sound of the storm described in "Storm Ending"?

4. Why might the author choose to describe the pine forest in "Nullo"?

5. How is Becky treated after it is found that she is pregnant with a black man's child?

6. Does the narrator appear to place blame on Bane for cutting the men?

7. How does Becky survive without the ability to work on her own?

8. Why might Toomer have chosen to use the comparative descriptor of a flower when detailing the storm in "Storm Ending"?

9. Why won't Muriel go with Dan?

10. What is the speaker asking of God in "Prayer"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The African-American experience in post-slavery America is the foundation upon which "Cane" is built. What are common experiences of Black Americans in "Cane"? How are these influenced by America's slave past? How are they the same? Different? What does this say about the progression (or lack thereof) of America as a society?

Essay Topic 2

Toomer includes many examples of interracial relationships within "Cane." Using at least two examples, discuss the author's feelings on said relationships. How are interracial couples treated at the time by society? What adversities do they face, and how do they deal with these?

Essay Topic 3

Ostracization is a key theme in Jean Toomer's "Cane". Using at lease three chapters, discuss the theme and how it is executed. Whom do we see ostracized and by whom? How is it being done? Is this a reflection of society or an individual act?

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