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Short Answer Questions

1. What has Karintha's abuse in the past caused her to do?

2. What animals were described as searching for water?

3. To what type of tree does the poem "Nullo" refer?

4. Which celestial orb does the author use in "Evening Song" to describe Cloine?

5. To what does the speaker compare another birth in the family line in "Song of the Son"?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the poem "Seventh Street," how has prohibition affected the Black residents of Washington, D.C.?

2. What does the speaker ultimately decide to do about his hunger in "Harvest Song"?

3. How is the sound of the storm described in "Storm Ending"?

4. What was the physical effect on the land of the boll weevil infestation?

5. How did the older generation view the blooming of the November Cotton Flower?

6. Why might the author have used the little finger as a metaphor for his entire body in "Prayer"?

7. What sounds can be heard at dusk in "Georgia Dusk"?

8. Does the narrator appear to place blame on Bane for cutting the men?

9. Given the imagery in the poem "Portrait in Georgia", how might the author view the position of black Georgian residents?

10. What does the speaker want the woman to do in "Her Lips are Copper Wire"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Childbirth is a recurring event in "Cane." Discuss how pregnancy and childbirth are viewed by the communities presented in "Cane". How are children treated? How are mothers treated? What situations do we see that are similar, and how are they resolved?

Essay Topic 2

Temptation and the wrath of God are common themes examined in "Cane". Using at least three examples, where do we see these themes playing out? What are characters tempted by, and how do they deal with these temptations? What is the anticipated or seen reaction of God?

Essay Topic 3

In "Cane," we see examples of both technology and nature. Where do we see both taking place? How are they portrayed? Does Toomer present one in a positive or negative light? Why might the comparison be made? Are they representative of anything?

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