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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28 "Bona and Paul".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what type of tree does the poem "Nullo" refer?
(a) Oak.
(b) Pine.
(c) Fir.
(d) Willow.

2. For emphasis of the field workers' plight, what does Toomer use?
(a) God's voice.
(b) The cotton picker's voice.
(c) The plantation manager's voice.
(d) The preacher's voice.

3. What is the main fault of the Christian god in "Conversion"?
(a) He is irrational and unwielding.
(b) He is closeminded and unfair.
(c) He is serious and unforgiving.
(d) He is sarcastic and weak.

4. How does the narrator describe Carma's story?
(a) The crudest melodrama.
(b) The finest love story.
(c) The saddest tragedy.
(d) A dastardly debacle.

5. After her first baby was born, how did the townspeople react towards Becky?
(a) They threw Becky a baby shower.
(b) They offered assistance to Becky.
(c) They shunned Becky.
(d) They adopted the child.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of tree is singing in the swamp as the men walk home from the sawmill?

2. What is Tom Burwell's punishment for killing Bob Stone?

3. What is the name of the keeper of the boarding house in which Muriel lives?

4. Why were the old folks startled by the November cotton flower?

5. In "Portrait in Georgia", of what does the breath of the woman described breath smell?

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