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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20 "Beehive".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Becky was a _____________ woman and her children were ______________.
(a) Poor; rich.
(b) White; black.
(c) Strong; weak.
(d) Mean; nice.

2. Who is the "son" in the "Song of the Son"?
(a) A boy.
(b) Jesus.
(c) The slaves' ancestors.
(d) The plantation owner's son.

3. What do the men do after working at the sawmill in "Georgia Dusk"?
(a) Drink.
(b) Sing.
(c) Play cards.
(d) Play horseshoes.

4. What animal has been walking in the forest as evidenced by imprints in "Nullo"?
(a) Cow.
(b) Bear.
(c) Wolf.
(d) Fox.

5. How is the weather in Georgia in November?
(a) Raining.
(b) Warm.
(c) Snowing.
(d) Cold.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which celestial orb does the author use in "Evening Song" to describe Cloine?

2. How is Carma described?

3. Where do Louisa and Bob meet secretly?

4. How does Esther think that men feel about her?

5. Where would the drone bee optimally be if he were not in the beehive?

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