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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25 "Box Seat".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What recurring dream does Esther have about her father's store?
(a) That it is on fire.
(b) That it is broken into.
(c) That she and Barlo own it.
(d) That it crumbles to the ground.

2. Where does the whistle mark the end of the day's shift?
(a) The bakery.
(b) The cotton plant.
(c) The sawmill.
(d) The factory.

3. What wish is expressed by the speaker in "Beehive"?
(a) To take over the beehive.
(b) To pollinate flowers.
(c) To mate with the queen.
(d) To leave the beehive forever.

4. What does the speaker in "Her Lips are Copper Wire" say to the woman of whom he speaks?
(a) He loves her.
(b) He wants to marry her.
(c) He hates her.
(d) He does not speak to her.

5. What happens to the speaker and Fern when they are together in the cornfield?
(a) Fern begins to undress.
(b) They make love.
(c) The speaker attacks Fern as the townspeople look on.
(d) Fern faints and begins to convulse.

Short Answer Questions

1. When she is nine years old, by whom does Esther become entranced?

2. How is the swinging of the scythes described in "Reapers"?

3. What type of bee is the speaker in "Beehive"?

4. Which law is referenced as affecting Seventh Street?

5. What does Cloine do while the speaker observes her?

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