Cane Character Descriptions

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Avey - Mysterious and sexy, this character is sometimes viewed as lazy by those closest to the character.

King Barlo - This character returns to town after a long absence only to mock those who seek this character out.

Becky - This character lives alone in the woods and has been ostracized from the community.

Big Boy - See Tom Burwell

Tom Burwell - After discovering the fiance's infidelity, this character kills a man.

Carma - This character fakes suicide after this character's spouse discovers the affair taking place.

Esther Crane - This pale-skinned character's father owns the town store.

Dorris - This character is a dancer in the theater chorus line.

David Georgia - This character boils sugar cane and eats the sap.

Bona Hale - This character bargains into a basketball game in order to get closer to a crush.

Fred Halsey - This...

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