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Chapter 1 "Karintha"

• Karintha is sexually desired by men as a child.

• Karintha becomes sexually active at a young age and lashes out emotionally.

• Karintha loses emotional interest in men.

• Men give Karintha money, hoping to have sex with her.

• Karintha gives birth to a baby in a bed of pine needles.

Chapter 2 "Reapers"

• Black field workers sharpen their scythes.

• The workers begin cutting weeds in a field.

• A field rat is cut and killed by the blade.

• The reapers continue working.

Chapter 3 "November Cotton Flower"

• The boll weevil has destroyed the cotton crops.

• The dry soil takes all of the water from the rivers, and they go dry.

• Birds are found dead at the bottom of wells.

• A cotton flower blooms in November.

• Old folks take it as a sign.

Chapter 4 "Becky"

• Becky becomes pregnant by a black man and...

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