Cane River Fun Activities

Lalita Tademy
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Draw a picture of a southern plantation with their slave quarters.

Letter Writing

Write two letters from Elisabeth, one to Suzette and one to Philomene discussing with them what Elisabeth thinks they should do if the slaves are freed.


Create a list of actors to play the major characters and explain why you choose those actors.


Write a biographical paragraph about one of the major characters.


You are a journalist with People magazine. Write out an interview with Philomene.

New Title

Have groups come up with a new title for Cane River. Have the class vote on the best one.

After the Ending

Have the class write a brief plot that covers what happens the next five years in T.O.’s life.

Trivial Game

Design a Trivial Pursuit type game based on Cane River. Choose six objects from the book to serve as...

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