Cane River Character Descriptions

Lalita Tademy
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This character is born into slavery and lives in the plantation house as nursemaid and companion to the niece of the plantation owner.


This character falls in love with a young man and slave who lives at a neighboring plantation. This character also gives birth to twins.


This character learns to read and write and is sent away to New Orleans to a convent school.

Narcisse Fredieu

This character is eventually takes a mistress and fathers several children by her. His mistress is also mother to twins and in love with a slave on a neighboring plantation.

Oreline Derbanne

This character is raised as the young mistress of the house, though she doesn't seem to inherit anything upon the deaths of her aunt and uncle.

Eugene Daurat

This character is the white man who is cousin of the Durbannes and who own Rosedew, and who...

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