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Luke Davies
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Candy tell her mother she has had since being a teen?
(a) Clenched fists.
(b) A fear.
(c) The wrong path to follow.
(d) An addiction.

2. Who does the narrator stay with after feeling betrayed by Candy?
(a) Kay.
(b) Mason.
(c) O'Brien.
(d) Lex.

3. What does Candy experience during detox?
(a) All of these.
(b) Intesne sweating.
(c) Bone pain.
(d) Cosntant nausea.

4. Where is Candy heading when she picks up a hitchhiker?
(a) Some hot springs.
(b) The outback.
(c) The brothel.
(d) Her doctors.

5. What does Candy write on the walls with?
(a) Markers.
(b) Pencils.
(c) Dirt clods.
(d) Lipstick.

6. What does the narrator call his needle scars?
(a) Track marks.
(b) Converging moments.
(c) Pride spots.
(d) Blasting points.

7. Who gives the narrator and Candy money to buy property together?
(a) O'Brien.
(b) The government.
(c) Candy's parents.
(d) The bank.

8. What does the narrator admire most about O'Brien?
(a) He makes good money.
(b) He has good veins.
(c) He always keeps his promises.
(d) He is quiet and sneaky.

9. What does the narrator compare his needle scars to?
(a) A road map.
(b) A message.
(c) A sign.
(d) A turnint point.

10. What does David think he is paying for when the narrator scams him?
(a) A night with Candy.
(b) Oral sex.
(c) A kilo of meth.
(d) A new gun.

11. What does Candy hit the narrator with during a fight?
(a) A golf club.
(b) A vase.
(c) An ashtray.
(d) A dildo.

12. What recipe does Casper sell the narrator?
(a) The recipe for laced syrup.
(b) The recipe for heroin.
(c) The recipe for meth.
(d) The recipe for mash.

13. What does the narrator make a list of?
(a) Jobs he has had.
(b) His goals.
(c) His family members.
(d) Things he likes.

14. Why does Candy move out of the warehouse?
(a) She leaves the narrator.
(b) Her brothel has a new room for her.
(c) They get evicted.
(d) They rent out their room.

15. What does Candy do to relax during detoxing?
(a) Draws.
(b) Sleeps.
(c) Masturbates.
(d) All of these.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Candy get into a fight with the narrator after he meets with Angelo?

2. What does the narrator feel like as he experiments with the recipe?

3. What drug does Paul Hillman sell?

4. What is Alexandra Avenue near?

5. What does freelancing mean for Candy?

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