Daily Lessons for Teaching Candy

Luke Davies
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)



Addiction is something in this story that is shown to cause a number of negative exchanges and situations. Drug addiction is what this entire plot centers around in one way or another. The objective of this lesson will be to discuss what led to the addictions in these different cases, and how it affected the people who gave in to this addiction.


1) Introduction of Lesson Material: Write on the board in large letters the word 'Addiction'. When the students come to class, have them write a list of one word responses that come to mind when they see and think about this word. Allow each student to read their list, and write each original answer on the board. Have the students discuss what this list indicates about the term, and how it relates to the assigned reading.

2) Investigating Personality Traits: Read aloud with the...

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