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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the solution which is developed to prevent further earthquakes?

2. What is the first village to which Candide goes immediately after he escapes from the Bulgarians?

3. What does the old woman reveal about her past in Chapter 10?

4. How does Cunegonde's brother react to Candide's plan to marry Cunegonde?

5. The old woman says she once resembled who?

Short Essay Questions

1. After escaping, what does Candide observe about the war?

2. What is the explanation for Candide's disinterest in seeing Paris?

3. Why is it apparent that the Baron is one of the most powerful lords in the area?

4. On the ship to Buenos Aires, about what does Cunégonde complain and how does the old woman respond?

5. What kinds of events happened as part of the preparations for the Princess of Palestrina's wedding?

6. Describe Dr. Pangloss' philosophy.

7. What arms are used by the armies during the war between the Bulgars and the Avars?

8. When Candide reunites with Paquette, the maid from Westphalia, how does she describe her life since they last were together and what details does she provide?

9. Why is it dangerous for a shrewish woman to be a doctor's wife?

10. What is the custom in Eldorado when brought to see the King?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Candide and Cacambo leave Eldorado with sheep carrying their belongings. What happens to these sheep along the way? Why is this significant? What is the meaning of the sheep in the novel? Do you think they are representative of something else? What references are there to sheep in other texts that Voltaire might have referenced? Write an essay explaining and examining the significance and symbolism of the sheep.

Essay Topic 2

Pangloss is a deeply flawed character, but yet also in some ways seems as naive as Candide. Do you think Pangloss is as educated as he purports to be? Give examples to support your opinion. Who seems to have been the wisest person in the novel? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay on accepting philosophies or religions without question. Using Candide as your example, discuss how following a charismatic leader or teacher without thinking for oneself is a bad idea. In your essay include the importance of collecting divergent ideas.

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