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Short Answer Questions

1. What are the people of Cadiz doing in Chapter 10?

2. In the war when thousands of men are killed, what does it cause Candide to do?

3. What is the first village to which Candide goes immediately after he escapes from the Bulgarians?

4. Who is on the arriving Spanish ship in Chapter 13?

5. How does Candide kill Mr. Issachar?

Short Essay Questions

1. How long does Candide stay in Bordeaux?

2. Explain the way the University of Coimbre decides to prevent future earthquakes.

3. How does Candide respond when Cunegonde reminds him of his promise to marry her? Why?

4. What happens when Cunégonde, Candide, and the old woman stop at the inn and how do they respond?

5. What makes it apparent that the Baron is not dead?

6. Describe what happens after the reunion of Candide and Cunegonde in Chapter 29.

7. Identify the family of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh.

8. Describe the disease with which Pangloss is afflicted and how it has affected him.

9. Describe Jacques' reaction to Candide and give a plausible reason for his actions.

10. What event happens during Martin and Candide's discussion of the subject of moral and physical evil? How does Candide use this to his advantage?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Candide and Cacambo leave Eldorado with sheep carrying their belongings. What happens to these sheep along the way? Why is this significant? What is the meaning of the sheep in the novel? Do you think they are representative of something else? What references are there to sheep in other texts that Voltaire might have referenced? Write an essay explaining and examining the significance and symbolism of the sheep.

Essay Topic 2

How does the relationship between Candide and Pangloss evolve over the course of the story? Cite specific examples from the text that seem to have cause this change. Does the relationship seem better between the two of them at the end of the novel or in the beginning?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about cause and effect. Dr. Pangloss often refers to cause and effect, but he is also often wrong in his conclusions. Select for your essay a topic like global warming to illustrate your points.

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