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Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Candide and Cacambo plan to join?

2. How much of Lisbon is destroyed by the earthquake?

3. What does the old woman advise Candide to do at the governor's place?

4. Which of the following does the old woman not provide to Candide while he is staying in her shack?

5. What condition does Cunégonde place on sharing the story of the Bulgarian attack with Candide?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Mr. Issachar enters, finding Candide and Cunégonde on the couch?

2. Why was the castrated man sent to the King of Morocco?

3. Who comes to "help" Candide recover from his illness?

4. How did the young princess in the old woman's story end up in Morocco?

5. What does Cacambo think should be done with the Baron?

6. What arms are used by the armies during the war between the Bulgars and the Avars?

7. After escaping, what does Candide observe about the war?

8. Describe Candide's interaction with the old woman that comes and tells him to follow her after he is punished for spouting philosophy.

9. Who is the man who finds the woman under the orange tree and what does he do with her?

10. Describe Candide's reaction to reuniting with Cunégonde and their subsequent interaction in Chapter 7.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on the possibility of a Utopia like Eldorado. Such a condition has been tried many times in the past but has always failed. In your essay, present a picture of a world like Eldorado that might possibly work. Then discuss why attempts to establish a Utopia have always ended in failure.

Essay Topic 2

Candide's adventures mirror the Biblical events from the Garden of Eden. Describe the three "paradises" he experiences (Westphalia, Eldorado and his farm). Compare and contrast his experiences at each of these places and the reasons for leaving the first two. How has Candide rediscovered a paradise? How is different form the ones he has lost?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay on satire as a literary device. Explain how satire can get a point across without being confrontational. What is the role of satire in CANDIDE? How would the book be different without satire present?

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