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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Cunegonde unaware of, regarding Cunegonde in Chapter 29?
(a) That Candide has been looking for her.
(b) That one of the men is her brother.
(c) that she has turned ugly.
(d) That Candide has bought her.

2. What does Martin say is in Paris?
(a) An opportunity for adventure..
(b) Chaos.
(c) A paradise.
(d) Lots of easy money.

3. Why is Candide distressed after Cacambo accosts him?
(a) Because Cunégonde is ugly.
(b) Because Cunégonde is dead.
(c) Because Cacambo is a slave.
(d) Because Cacambo is alive.

4. What problem arises between Candide and the Baron in Chapter 30?
(a) The Baron demands a large allowence.
(b) The Baron is still opposed to Candide marrying his sister.
(c) The Baron wants Cunegonde's dowery.
(d) The Baron demands to marry before his sister does.

5. What do Candide and Cacambo see when they rest in a field to eat during Chapter 16?
(a) Five men roasting a body in a cauldron.
(b) Two monkeys chasing two naked girls through the field.
(c) A parrot eating some berries and talking.
(d) A mouse who has build a tiny house.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money does Candide lose at the dinner when he is playing cards?

2. What does the old woman think is worse than all of the torments that she has suffered?

3. Who originally seduces Paquette?

4. Why is Paquette thrown in jail?

5. What does Candide give the French lady for taking him to bed?

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