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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Candide pay the Dutch captain to sail to Venice as soon as possible?
(a) Because he is traumatized from the execution.
(b) Because he thinks England smells bad.
(c) Because he wants to see Cunégonde.
(d) Because he wants to go fishing.

2. Where is the war that France is fighting?
(a) On the edge of Canada.
(b) In Paraguay.
(c) In Constantinople.
(d) In Portugal.

3. What is Cunégonde's appearance when Candide finds her on the banks of Propontis?
(a) She is still beautiful.
(b) She is a pretty, but older lady.
(c) She is wrinkled, brown, and ugly.
(d) She is thin and corpselike.

4. Senator Pococurante states that he can only stand the music for how long?
(a) A half an hour.
(b) An hour.
(c) Forever.
(d) Three hours.

5. What is the cause of the gunfire that Candide and Martin hear while they are on the ship?
(a) Two sailors fighting.
(b) A rifle accident by the captain.
(c) Two ships fighting.
(d) A gunpowder explosion in the berth.

6. What information does Pococurante think would be useful in scientific academy volumes?
(a) The art of making pins.
(b) Sonnets.
(c) Ship-building.
(d) Tapestry-weaving.

7. How is it proven that Candide is not a Jesuit?
(a) The captors take Candide's robe and ask villagers to whom it belonged.
(b) The captors ask him to repeat a Catholic prayer.
(c) The captors quiz him on his early childhood.
(d) The captors threaten to eat him and see whether Candide prays.

8. To which destination does Martin agree to continue with Candide in Chapter 21?
(a) Bordeaux.
(b) Buenos Aires.
(c) Venice.
(d) Westphalia.

9. What are Cunégonde and the old woman doing when Candide first sees them again?
(a) Arguing.
(b) Praying.
(c) Hanging towels to dry.
(d) Cooking.

10. Why does Candide initially think Senator Pococurante is a happy man before Martin persuades him otherwise?
(a) The Senator is pleasant throughout their visit.
(b) The Senator is jovial and pours large glasses of wine.
(c) The Senator appears to gain pleasure in critiquing and criticizing art.
(d) The Senator has art, music, and women.

11. Who could answer Candide's questions about the golden country?
(a) The army general.
(b) The oldest man in the country.
(c) The local wizard.
(d) The country's oracle.

12. How many sheep are left one hundred days after Candide and Cacambo leave Eldorado?
(a) Two.
(b) Fifty.
(c) One hundred.
(d) Ten.

13. Who comes to the farm with Paquette?
(a) Friar Giroflée.
(b) Cunégonde.
(c) The Baroness.
(d) The old woman.

14. How does Martin propose to prove a happy looking couple in Chapter 24 is not happy at all?
(a) By introducing them to some courtiers.
(b) By paying them to tell their stories.
(c) by following them home.
(d) By inviting them to dinner.

15. Where does Cacambo want to go as soon as possible?
(a) To Canada.
(b) To Paraguay.
(c) To America.
(d) To Europe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What problem arises between Candide and the Baron in Chapter 30?

2. How long do Candide and Martin argue while on board the ship?

3. In what city do Martin and Candide land in England?

4. Which character believes "God has forsaken Earth and it is instead controlled by something more evil"?

5. What is Pococurante's attitude toward his art collection?

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