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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who returns to the house to find Mr. Issachar dead?
(a) The Grand Inquisitor.
(b) The old woman.
(c) The Bulgarian soldier.
(d) The Baron's son.

2. Where does Candide travel with Cunégonde, the old woman, and two servants?
(a) Cadiz.
(b) Sevilla.
(c) Buenos Aires.
(d) Lisbon.

3. What do the Janissaries eat when they are under attack?
(a) Two slaves.
(b) Eggs and bacon.
(c) Two eunuchs and two buttocks.
(d) Bread and cheese.

4. For whose side does Cacambo encourage Candide to fight?
(a) The Portuguese.
(b) The Jesuits.
(c) The Bulgarians.
(d) The Spaniards.

5. After seeing the Bulgarian destruction in Avare, what does Candide see next?
(a) The Abarian destruction of a Bulgarian village.
(b) The moon rise over the Abarian mountains.
(c) Cunegonde walking down the road.
(d) Pangloss teaching Bulgarina soldiers.

6. Where does Candide take the beggar to feed him?
(a) Jacques's stable.
(b) The Bulgarians' house.
(c) The bar.
(d) His apartment.

7. Who arranged the auto-da-fé, which results in the hanging of Pangloss?
(a) Mr. Issachar.
(b) The Grand Inquisitor.
(c) The Baron.
(d) Candide.

8. How do the men help train Candide to be a stronger soldier?
(a) They have him run long distances.
(b) They make him do push ups.
(c) They beat him with a stick.
(d) They give him special weapons training.

9. What does Candide see in the villages that the Bulgarians and their enemies have raided?
(a) He sees surgeons rescuing the attacked from dying.
(b) He sees dead and dying bodies in the villages raided by both sides.
(c) He sees that women have been spared by the Bulgarians.
(d) He sees dead bodies in villages only raided by the Bulgarians.

10. Who is the second person Candide kills?
(a) A beggar.
(b) The Grand Inquisitor.
(c) The old lady.
(d) Cunégonde.

11. Who does the beggar tell Candide he is?
(a) A Bulgarian.
(b) A prince.
(c) The Baron.
(d) Pangloss.

12. In Chapter 7, who rescues and takes care of Candide?
(a) An old woman.
(b) Dr. Pangloss.
(c) The Baron's son.
(d) An old man.

13. How does the old woman describe the location where she was raised?
(a) Perched high on a mountaintop.
(b) As grand as the King's palace.
(c) Like a fortress with a wide moat around it.
(d) Much grander than that in Westphalia.

14. What is the result of Candide and Cunegonde getting caught behind the screen in Chapter 1?
(a) Candide and Cunegonde run away together.
(b) Dr. Pangloss is fired.
(c) Candide is kicked out of the castle.
(d) Cunegonde is forced to marry Candide.

15. What angers the Baron when talking to Candide?
(a) Candide says he wishes the Baron were dead.
(b) Candide says he doesn't believe in God.
(c) Candide says he is going to marry Cunégonde.
(d) Candide calls him a bad name.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where has the sailor been four times?

2. What does the Anabaptist do for the crew of the boat?

3. As Captain, who is assigned to be Candide's assistant?

4. Who noticed Cunegonde at church?

5. How do the survivors in Lisbon wet their bread?

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