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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many horses does the old woman tell Candide and Cunégonde are in the stable?
(a) One.
(b) Four.
(c) Two.
(d) Three.

2. What is still going on in Germany in Chapter 17?
(a) The hangings and floggings of Westphalians.
(b) The Bulgarian reign of terror.
(c) The search for Candide and Pangloss.
(d) The war between the Bulgarians and the Avares.

3. On whose death does the beggar report?
(a) Cunégonde, the Baron, Baroness, and Baron's son.
(b) The Bulgarian army.
(c) Pangloss.
(d) The Baroness and her sister.

4. What does Cunegonde talk about on the way to Buenos Aires?
(a) Her fortune.
(b) The future.
(c) Her luck.
(d) Her hardships.

5. Why does the Spanish captain refuse to take Candide and Cacambo to Buenos Aires?
(a) Because he believes Candide will kill him.
(b) Because Candide does not have enough money.
(c) Because Cunégonde is the governor's favorite mistress.
(d) Because he thinks that Candide is a liar.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what are the roads paved in the village at which Candide and Cacambo arrive in the rocky mountains?

2. While working for the Boyar in Russia, what job does the Princess do?

3. Who is the second person Candide kills?

4. Why is Candide put in charge of the Cadiz soldiers?

5. Which of the following characteristics describes Senator Pococurante?

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