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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who survives the shipwreck?
(a) The sailor.
(b) Pangloss.
(c) All answers are correct.
(d) Candide.

2. Why does Candide ask to be shot in the head?
(a) There are 2,000 men in the regiment to give 36 lashes each.
(b) He says it as a joke not believing they will do it.
(c) He saw someone hanged and does not want that.
(d) There is no hope for him to escape the army.

3. What reaction do Candide and Cunégonde have when they reunite?
(a) They embrace and kiss.
(b) Cunégonde faints and Candide catches her.
(c) They both faint.
(d) They run away from each other.

4. On whose death does the beggar report?
(a) The Bulgarian army.
(b) Cunégonde, the Baron, Baroness, and Baron's son.
(c) Pangloss.
(d) The Baroness and her sister.

5. How much money does Candide give to the beggar?
(a) Fifty florins.
(b) Twenty florins.
(c) Two florins.
(d) Five florins.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jacques say mankind has become like?

2. Where has the sailor been four times?

3. Who is the second person Candide kills?

4. In Chapter 4, where does the Anabaptist take Candide and Pangloss?

5. What choice is Candide given for his punishment by the Bulgarians?

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