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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Cacambo?
(a) The man Candide was given to act as his assistant.
(b) Candide's best friend from childhood.
(c) The governor's son.
(d) The slave of the governor.

2. How does Candide find the sea as compared to his journey to Lisbon?
(a) Windier.
(b) Colder.
(c) Rougher.
(d) More peaceful.

3. What are the people of Cadiz doing in Chapter 10?
(a) Having a religious service.
(b) Putting together an army.
(c) Having a fiesta.
(d) Building new houses.

4. For whose side does Cacambo encourage Candide to fight?
(a) The Spaniards.
(b) The Portuguese.
(c) The Bulgarians.
(d) The Jesuits.

5. After drifting downstream in Chapter 17, how does Candide's and Cacambo's ride end?
(a) The canoe falls apart and they swim to shore.
(b) The are captured by jungle natives.
(c) They come to a small village.
(d) Their canoe runs aground and is ruined on the reefs.

Short Answer Questions

1. On whose death does the beggar report?

2. At a stream they come to in Chapter 17, what do Candide and Cacambo discover?

3. Why does the old lady say she is being kind to Candide?

4. What does Cunegonde talk about on the way to Buenos Aires?

5. What happens the morning after Candide's rescue?

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