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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pangloss lose after his treatment?
(a) His nose.
(b) Both ears.
(c) His chin.
(d) An eye and an ear.

2. What does the old woman suggest should be done to make money?
(a) Steal from the other guests.
(b) Work as hired help at the inn.
(c) Sell off Cunégonde.
(d) Sell one of the horses.

3. Why does the old lady say she is being kind to Candide?
(a) She is his mother.
(b) She is Paquette.
(c) She is his aunt.
(d) She doesn't tell him.

4. Why does Candide not know anything about his protector in Chapter 7?
(a) The old man cannot hear or speak.
(b) The old woman will not answer his questions.
(c) The soldiers take his protector away.
(d) He is too polite to ask personal questions.

5. With what are the children playing in the schoolyard of the village in the mountains?
(a) Sand.
(b) Rocks.
(c) Jewels.
(d) Rope.

Short Answer Questions

1. At a stream they come to in Chapter 17, what do Candide and Cacambo discover?

2. Who do Candide and Cacambo plan to join?

3. When does the old woman share her name with Candide?

4. What happens when Candide learns that the Baron, his wife, and his son were murdered?

5. What has the old lady set out for Candide?

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