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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Candide and Cacambo survive on for a month?
(a) Wild fruits.
(b) Horse meat.
(c) Dog meat.
(d) Twigs.

2. What does Cunégonde say happened to her when the Bulgarians attacked?
(a) She says she was forced to watch her mother's rape.
(b) She says she was given food and shelter.
(c) She says she was raped and cut open.
(d) She says that mercifully nothing happened to her.

3. Why is Candide allowed to speak to the Commandant of the Jesuit military?
(a) He is also a Jesuit.
(b) He looks familiar to the Commandant.
(c) He is wearing a captain's uniform.
(d) He is German and not Spanish.

4. What does Candide tell the Commandant?
(a) That he killed the Grand Inquisitor.
(b) That he hates all Jesuits.
(c) That he raped Cunégonde.
(d) That the Commandant's sister is live and well.

5. Where is the fleet of ships that Candide, Cunégonde and the old woman join headed?
(a) Africa.
(b) England.
(c) Paraguay.
(d) Japan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Candide give the Commandant of the Jesuit military?

2. What does the old woman suggest should be done to make money?

3. What happens when the old woman, Candide, and Cunégonde stop at the inn?

4. With what are the children playing in the schoolyard of the village in the mountains?

5. What language do the people in the village speak?

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