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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What position does the Baron attain in the Jesuit military?
(a) Colonel.
(b) General.
(c) Captain.
(d) Lieutenant.

2. What does Candide say about Cunégonde's scar?
(a) He wishes he could make it disappear.
(b) He thinks it is ugly.
(c) He thinks it is beautiful.
(d) He hopes he can see it.

3. When Cunégonde's brother's troops attack the village in which Cunégonde lives, what is his intention?
(a) To persuade Cunégonde to kill the governor.
(b) To kill Cunégonde.
(c) To rob Cunégonde.
(d) To capture Cunégonde.

4. How did Cunegonde react to Don Issachar?
(a) She did not let him touch her.
(b) She feared him.
(c) She allowed him to sleep with her.
(d) She hated him.

5. What positive point does a spectator say executions have in England?
(a) To keep the guillotine sharp.
(b) To keep a positive morale.
(c) To serve as entertainment purposes.
(d) To keep leaders motivated.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Cunégonde see Candide for the first time after their separation?

2. Whose execution do Candide and Martin witness in England?

3. Why does the captain kill the Bulgarian who is attacking Cunégonde?

4. What is Candide wearing when he and Cacambo escape after Candide kills Cunégonde's brother?

5. Who arranged the auto-da-fé, which results in the hanging of Pangloss?

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