Objects & Places from Candide

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The Castle of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh - This is where Candide first meets Cunégonde.

Holland - This is where Candide first meets Jacques, the Anabaptist.

Lisbon, Portugal - This is the location of an earthquake.

The Spanish Inquisition - This is the reason why Pangloss was hung.

Auto-da-Fé - This means "act of faith" in Portuguese.

San Benitos - This is the name of the garment worn by Candide and Pangloss during their punishment in Portugal.

The Oreillons - These people capture Candide and Cacambo in Paraguay.

Eldorado - This is a perfect society that Candide and Cacambo choose to leave.

Red Sheep - These carry Candide and Cacambo's gold and jewels.

Paris - This is where Candide is swindled by a series of con artists.

Venice - This is where Candide is reunited with Cacambo.

Turkey - This is where Candide settles on a farm...

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