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Objective: Chapter 1 Voltaire satirizes many themes throughout the text, including class, religion, philosophy, social mores and gender issues. The objective of this lesson is for students to be able to identify the components of satire and to recognize examples of satire in the first chapter.

1. SATIRE: Read aloud the opening paragraphs of "Candide." Have students note instances where they find the text funny. Students will share some of the examples form the opening paragraphs that they found comical. Explain that "satire" is the when authors use sarcastic, ironic or humorous techniques in order to highlight issues that they find offensive, unfair or ridiculous. Students will individually analyze one of the examples that they found humorous from the reading and share with the class what social issue Voltaire is satirizing.

2. SATIRE EXAMPLES: Assign students the theme of either "class/wealth differences" or "gender issues". Individually, students will reread...

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