Candide Fun Activities

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Watch the Operetta

Locate the Great Performances recording of the New York revival of CANDIDE to watch in class.

SNL with Voltaire

"Saturday Night Live" is a popular sketch comedy program that deals with satirizing modern issues just as Voltaire did in his time. Students will work in groups to make an SNL-type skit that parodies one of the issues that Voltaire satirizes in his text, making it contemporary for a modern audience.

Design a Game

Design a board (or other type) of game that portrays the book's events as a whole or a single chapter or section of the book. Be thorough in your use of details from the book and creative in your incorporation. Be prepared to play the game in class to share with your peers.

Watch Another Movie

To get a clear idea of Manichaean philosophy, get a copy of Star Wars: Revenge of...

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