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Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on contentment. What do the characters in Candide learn about contentment, and how do they learn their lessons? What have you learned about contentment from Candide?

Essay Topic 2

Candide experiences practically every situation possible. In that way he can be seen as a universal character. In other ways, however, Candide is so naive, that the reader may have difficulty relating to his innocence. In an essay, explain whether you feel Candide is a character that is easy to relate to. Would you consider him lucky or unlucky? Does this influence how the reader perceives him?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, many characters are reintroduced even after their death is witnessed or described. Write an essay explaining how the false deaths of these characters affect the plot as a whole. Consider which characters were thought to have died. Is the choice of these characters...

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