Candide Character Descriptions

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Cacambo - This character who visits Eldorado is the child of a half-Indian father.

Candide - This character cannot marry his true love because of his parentage.

Lady Cunégonde - This character becomes old and ugly, but is a very good pastry cook.

Brother Giroflé - This character had to join monastic life because he wasn't allowed to inherit his family's wealth.

Jesuit Baron of Thunder-ten-tronckh - This character becomes a priest, but ends up working in the galleys.

King of Eldorado - This character is the leader of an ideal society.

Martin - This character is a cynical scholar.

The Negro - This character is missing a leg and a hand.

Old Woman - This character was once a beautiful young princess, but now has only one buttock.

Dr. Pangloss - This character is an optimistic scholar and tutor.

Paquette - This character works...

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