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Chapter 1

• Descriptions of the castle of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh, Candide, Cunegonde, her brother, and Dr. Pangloss opens the satirical novel.

• Pangloss represents sophistry and Candide is the naive and impressionable youth.

• The indiscretions of Dr. Pangloss have repercussions for him and influence the behavior of Cunegonde.

• Candide's adventures begin with his expulsion from the Thunder-ten-tronckh castle.

• Candide lives in the castle of a Baron of Westphalia with the Baron and his wife, their son and daughter and a tutor named Pangloss.

• Candide is taught by Pangloss that this world is the "best of all possible worlds."

• Candide loves Cunégonde but may not hope of marrying her because his parentage is not noble enough.

• Pangloss teaches Candide that every thing that happens is for the best possible reason and purpose.

• After catching Pangloss in a liaison with the chambermaid, Cunégonde kisses Candide.

• Candide and Cunégonde are caught...

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