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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who begins to make preparations for a card game with Pavel and the others?
(a) Vadim.
(b) Dyomka.
(c) Chaly.
(d) Oleg.

2. Where does Oleg go in order to go back to Ush-Terek?
(a) Train station.
(b) The hospital.
(c) Vera's house.
(d) Exile office.

3. How many years in prison was the truck driver's sentence when the loss in the truck was discovered?
(a) 5 years.
(b) 10 years.
(c) 4 years.
(d) He didn't get into trouble.

4. How many injections has Pavel had at this point of the story, though they are helping his tumor shrink?
(a) 14.
(b) 10.
(c) 3.
(d) 12.

5. Who does Oleg recognize in the crowd at the train station so he makes sure he gets on the train last?
(a) Bully.
(b) Pavel.
(c) Vera.
(d) Zoya.

6. What department does Dontsova turn over to Vera when she travels away from the hospital?
(a) Radiology.
(b) Chemotherapy.
(c) Pathology.
(d) Medicine.

7. How old is the doctor whose house Donstova visits at the start of this section?
(a) 80.
(b) 75.
(c) 45.
(d) 29.

8. Aviette talks about how one should tell others of the _____________ in life, rather than to talk about the opposite side of life.
(a) Bribes.
(b) Mercies.
(c) Good things.
(d) Bad things.

9. What is the profession that Aviette wants to pursue, though her father does not support this?
(a) Baker.
(b) Writer.
(c) Nurse.
(d) Doctor.

10. What does Oleg realize about Vera when she comes with Zoya to examine him while on rounds?
(a) She knows about Zoya.
(b) She is scared.
(c) She is bored.
(d) She is angry with him.

11. What does Chaly offer to give to Pavel if Pavel gives him his phone number?
(a) A deal on good tires.
(b) A call.
(c) A book.
(d) A connection in the government.

12. In the case of the women who were accused of stealing, what was their punishment?
(a) Pay back what they stole.
(b) Capital punishment.
(c) Jail time.
(d) Community service.

13. Who goes with the doctors on the rounds to see the patients during the day?
(a) Supervisors.
(b) Nurses.
(c) Government officials.
(d) No one.

14. Whose mother has found the special treatment for his cancer, and she is sending it through channels?
(a) Pavel.
(b) Lev.
(c) Vadim.
(d) Oleg.

15. Where does Dyomka want Oleg to go when he finally gets out of the hospital after he is treated?
(a) Woods.
(b) Zoo.
(c) Library.
(d) Grocery store.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the doctor decide he wants to do for Dontsova after listening to her symptoms?

2. Many had to simply agree with the _______ in order to protect themselves and their families.

3. What will Dontsova not read because she doesn't want to know what they say about her?

4. Which of the patients is told that she will need to have her breast cut off in order to be saved?

5. What does the woman from #138 want from Dyomka after she learns about her breast?

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