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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Oleg tells Zoya she should move to the ________ of Kazakhstan when she gets her medical license.
(a) Suburb.
(b) Slums.
(c) City.
(d) Steppes.

2. Yefrem doesn't listen to Pavel because he is thinking more about his _________ than anything else.
(a) Brother.
(b) Disease.
(c) Son.
(d) Wife.

3. When Pavel talks to his doctor about his condition, his doctor tells him that he does not have ___________.
(a) Pneumonia.
(b) To worry about medication.
(c) A chance.
(d) Cancer.

4. Vera tells Pavel that he can have a(n) _________ at 11:30am that day or he can choose to check out.
(a) Meal.
(b) Walk.
(c) X-ray.
(d) Injection.

5. What does the nurse give to Pavel when he wakes up from his injection?
(a) Juice.
(b) Vodka.
(c) Beer.
(d) Water.

6. What does Dontsova decide to grab on her way home from the hospital?
(a) Groceries.
(b) A medical kit.
(c) Pain medication.
(d) More treatments for her patients.

7. Dontsova is a person who is committed to _______ her patients and to being everything she can be to everyone in her life.
(a) Loving.
(b) Supporting.
(c) Ignoring.
(d) Healing.

8. Vera is more concerned about ________, so she decides to spend more time with him than usual.
(a) Pavel.
(b) Oleg.
(c) Dyomka.
(d) Yefrem.

9. What does Dontsova tell Oleg about his treatment, which is why he cannot leave just yet?
(a) He isn't ready to go home.
(b) It doesn't work.
(c) It's incomplete.
(d) It hasn't started.

10. What does the chief surgeon in the cancer ward do which causes some to think she is not setting a good example?
(a) Chain smoke.
(b) Ignore patients.
(c) Sleep on the job.
(d) Reveal the diagnoses of patients.

11. Pavel assigns ________ to the other patients on the ward after they begin to make fun of him for thinking he doesn't have cancer.
(a) Ranks.
(b) Colors.
(c) Nicknames.
(d) Numbers.

12. Who is the author of the short stories that Yefrem is reading, which causes Pavel to laugh?
(a) Dostoevsky.
(b) Tolstoy.
(c) Romanchekov.
(d) Blurga.

13. What is Dontsova's excuse for not being able to finish a project on which she has been working for a long time?
(a) She doesn't care about it anymore.
(b) Pain.
(c) No time.
(d) No energy.

14. Dontsova tells Oleg that he should stay in the ward because she wants to _______ him, even though he is feeling better now.
(a) Marry.
(b) Cure.
(c) Get to know.
(d) Ignore.

15. The nurse tells Kapa that there is no possibility for ___________ in the hospital, even though they might be more important than others.
(a) Medication.
(b) Screening.
(c) Assistance.
(d) Private care.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Vadim when he comes to the ward, knowing that he only has months to live?

2. Pavel learns that Rodichev has been ________ and that he is now returning to the town.

3. Oleg feels very ______ when he is talking with Zoya openly and honestly.

4. What does Pavel receive after he has had a chance to read the paper after Oleg reads it?

5. Pavel refers to some of the other patients by their _________, as in the patients he calls Uz Becks.

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