Cancer Ward Character Descriptions

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Oleg Filimonovich Kostoglotov

This character is a citizen of the Soviet Union in the 1950s. He recently spent eight years in prison camps because of Article 58, a law that gave the Soviets considerable leeway in sending unwanted people to Siberia for extended times.

Pavel Nikolayevich Rusanov

This character is a personnel records specialist in the Soviet Union, which is a euphemism for the secret service. He has learned to manipulate the system too, but from a position of great power.

Nurse Zoya

This character is a young woman who is serving as a nurse at the cancer ward and studying to become a doctor. She has golden hair, fragile features, and all of the men in the ward are happy to see her. She does an adequate job at being a nurse, but her focus is really to have fun, someday get married, and to enjoy life.

Dr. Vera Kornilyevna Gangart

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