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Chapter 1-2

• Pavel has a large tumor on his neck and is told to report to the cancer ward.

• Pavel is allowed to have a private nurse and room.

• The other patients mock Pavel and he does not try to learn their names either.

Chapter 3-5

• Zoya is a night nurse who is trying to get her work done.

• Sibgator is a patient who has cancer in his back, so he does not lie down.

• Kostoglotov and Zoya flirt with each other.

• Dr. Gangart does her rounds in the cancer ward.

• Vera is frustrated with Pavel because he has accused her of poisoning him.

• Oleg is a patient who waited for many hours to be admitted before getting a spot.

Chapter 6-7

• Dontsova has had more radiation than is healthy.

• Oleg was never told the outcome of his biopsies.

• Dontsova and Oleg agree to continue his treatment for...

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