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Santa Clara Valley

It is here that Buck spends the first four years of his life.

Klondike Gold Rush

Although this energized this region until it ended abruptly in 1899, many of the miners' hopes were in vain as they returned home empty-handed.

San Francisco

Buck is brought here by train after Manuel kidnaps him from Judge Miller's house.


This coastal city is the last stop for many travelers before they enter Alaska, whether it is by train or by boat.


This is a ship that carries Perrault, Francois, Buck, and the newly purchased sled dogs from Washington.


This is located in the northwest corner of the North American continent and was largely undeveloped and unused, but had to be passed through by miners.

Queen Charlotte Sound

The ship Narwhal passes through this on its way to Dyea, Alaska.

Dyea, Alaska

Buck first arrives here as...

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