Objects & Places from Call Me by Your Name

André Aciman
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This is a name that Elio gives to one of Oliver’s shirt. Oliver leaves the shirt behind so that Elio can have to remember him by.


This is something Elio uses when he masturbates. It symbolizes the growing intimacy between Oliver and Elio when Oliver eats it.

Bathing Suits

These are something that Elio believes the color of predict Oliver’s moods. Oliver and Elio wear each other’s when they go swimming.


This is something that Elio took from Oliver’s room before they left for Rome. Oliver shows it to Elio years later when Elio visits him at Oliver’s college.

Monet’s Berm

This is where Oliver and Elio first kiss.


This is a city that symbolizes how Oliver widens Elio’s world.


This is a place in B. and Rome where Elio connects his inner thoughts with his...

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